The company was founded in 1975 with a view to produce pressure die-casting machines. MAICOPRESSE have always tried to provide advanced solutions, mechanically and technologically improving their machines through good cooperation with its customers, and by seeking solutions in their in-house research and technical development department.

MAICOPRESSE now offers two basic types of machines:

  • GK (feed force from 280 tons to 3800 tons)
  • GKL (feed force from 350 tons to 2300 tons)

What makes GK and GKL stand out from the competitors is the application of forged steel for an entire structure. The joint head runs on 4 columns; as a result, joint runs on 4 columns as well. This provides more structural rigidity of the machine within time, compared to conventional machines, where the joint runs only on 2 columns.

In addition, machines can be fitted with a range of options. The most essential are:

  • Chromium plated and polished columns are made of special stainless steel rods. Threads are made by rolling. When installing large foundry moulds, it is possible to allow for OPTIONAL auto-ejection of one or two upper columns.
  • The automatic locking system for all knock-out pistons that reduces mould installation time.
  • Nitrogen pressure compensator: nitrogen cylinders are connected directly to piston accumulators and are fitted with a patented automatic system which allows maintaining the set nitrogen pressure value to obtain the optimum working conditions and the repeatability of the cycle. This allows the machine to self-adjust injection pressure in case of a change in working conditions: ambient temperature and the possible loss of nitrogen, without the need for continuous operator control.
  • The electric motor of hydraulic pump is completely controlled by the inverter, which by changing the speed of various motions in the machine, can reduce electricity consumption by about 40% to 50%, while maintaining performance and capacity of the machine unchanged. Only energy needed to perform that particular motion is used. For the rest of the cycle, the engine rotates at minimum speed, allowing, under these conditions, to obtain energy loss close to zero.
  • With the inverter instead of a water heat exchanger, the machine is fitted with an air heat exchanger that cools the hydraulic agent. As a result, water usually used for that purpose is unnecessary. Consequently, there is no need to use chillers, evaporators, or any other means of cooling. To all the above features we can add greater durability of pumps, coolant and quieter machine operation compared to conventional machines, given that just the necessary amount of fluid is under pressure.

The GKL series machines use a patented closing system, which has a very long ejector die stroke. For machines with closing force, the stroke is 1900 mm and 950 mm for conventional machines. The GKL series machines are ideal for production of deep casts (such as electric motors casings). Obtaining such a long stroke was possible with the use a toggle that opens outside of the closing system.


A new offering from MAICO is the hybrid machine. In addition to all the solutions of GK and GKL series, this machine uses electric mould closing mechanism. This solution allows the elimination of problems