MULTI-elektro together with AMAC company provides repairs of foundry machines and equipment. With the AMAC's broad connections with Italian repair companies, we are able to provide repairs in the following areas:

PARTIAL REPAIR, which may include the repair of a machine component (e.g. closing system), replacing a component or a system (for example, replacing the machine control), or only a single element (column, steering valves, pump, etc.).

REGENERATIVE REPAIR including in standard renovation of mechanics, hydraulics and controls. In this regard, the technical parameters of the machine remain unchanged. Some elements are repaired, some of them replaced. The machine is painted the colour selected by the customer. Detailed scope of this type of repair is always consulted with the client. After the regenerative repair, the machine is covered by a warranty.

OVERHAUL WITH MODERNIZATION is the last type of repairs we offer. It involves a complete disassembly of the machine. The mechanical components are subjected to the necessary treatment and hydraulic components are mostly replaced with new ones. Also the wiring and machine control are replaced. Closing and injection steering valves are replaced with new ones (mostly PARKER). After such repairs, the machine have the parameters of machines available on the market today with full control of injection and modern control. The machine is painted the colour selected by the customer and covered by a warranty.