Our services include infrared camera analysis of construction entities and electrical appliances (power appliances). This analysis provides an easy way to diagnose the basic technical state of electrical and power systems. Most often, infrared camera inspection (in terms of equipment operated by your company) is conducted for the study of transformer stations and switchrooms.

Using the infrared imaging technology allows for quick detection of potential failures or defects of the current circuit, and the inspected structure requires no pretreatment. Measurements are carried out remotely from several or a dozen or so meters during normal operation of the device. The only factors limiting the measurement (having a significant impact on the result) are the minimum load – 30 % of rated output and wind speed, which should not be higher than 4 m/s.

Testing the equipment can be particularly useful before expiry of the machine warranty period.

Here are some data on the infrared camera, and sample images.

FLIR i50 camera

Basic parameters:

Uncooled matrix  FPA - 140x140 pixels (19 600 pixels)
Thermal resolution < 0,1°C for 25°C
Temperature range 
-20°C to 350°C
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2%

A standard infrared measurement is accompanied by the measurement protocol and an electronic carrier (CD) with registered infrared pictures.



 Motor reducer temperature distribution

Anomalies in the cable termination kit

Asymmetry of the breaker switch column temperature distribution  Transformer ladle surface anomaly
Elevated temperature of the bolt fastening the ladle with the transformer lid